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Coronation - Clovelly - May 1937

11.5.1937 Coronation Clovelly
4.5.1937 Coronation Glove Factory


Parishioners of Clovelly are sending a telegram of loyalty and good wishes to the King to-morrow as part of their Coronation celebrations and it will be sent on their behalf by Mr J C Hilton, chairman of the Parish Council. Between £35 and £40 has been raised by public subscriptions towards the celebrations. The Rector (Rev. P J Somers Cocks) is chairman of the committee and the hon. secretary is Mr John Clements with Mr T E Finch as hon. treasurer. At 2pm there will be a service in the Parish Church. Children's sports will follow and then they will enjoy a free tea at 4.30pm after which they will be presented with souvenir mugs. From 5pm onwards there will be the free tea for adults and they will also have some sports. The sports events in each case will be held on the Clovelly Court Grounds. Bowling events will also be held during the afternoon and evening. Fireworks and the bonfire will commence at 10pm after which a social and dance will be held in the Long passage of Clovelly Court by kind permission of the Hon. Mrs A Asquith. During this time there will be prizes for various dances, etc.

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