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Special thoughts for children and old people

12.6.1953 Street Parties1

In the past ten days street teas to celebrate the Coronation have been organised throughout the district. These happy community expressions of loyalty and neighbourliness are in the long-standing tradition of Coronation and jubilee celebrations.
Civil leaders, notably the Mayor and Mayoress of Bideford, have assiduously visited the many parties in response to cordial invitations and have brought messages of congratulations and good wishes coupled with references to the significance to all of the great occasion of Coronation.
Women’s Street Committees brought to triumphant completion the carefully laid plans for bumper spreads and generous contributions were made by friends.
Victory Conga – a jovial street supper was held in Sunnyside on the eve of Coronation Day. The Mayor and Mayoress paid a visit, together with the Town Clerk, and sat down to a supper of ham and salad, with trifles, strawberry flans and cream. Mr Copp proposed thanks to the Mayor and Mayoress, which was seconded by Mr C Lamey. The Mayoress was presented with a bouquet by Miss M Mills. Mr Frank Squires led all the residents in a victory conga.
Films and Fireworks – games, singing, films and fireworks followed a Coronation tea for residents, and particularly the children and older folk of Pitt Lane, Myrtle Grove and Myrtle Gardens held in Gunstone School on June 4. The Mayor and Mayoress were welcomed and twins Jennifer and Christopher Pugh presented them with a button-hole and spray. Prizewinners were Mrs Bonney and Mrs Jordon, the tickets being drawn by the Mayor and John Stone whose birthday it was that day.
Lower Cleave Houses – a very enjoyable party was held at Lower Cleave Houses on Wednesday, more than 70 children and adults sat down to tea. Sports, a Punch and Judy Show by Mr Dark and a new sixpence were given to each child. A sing-song was followed by supper at which Mrs Rodgerman, the oldest guest, proposed the toast to The Queen and thanked the organisers.
Willett Street – Seventy-six children were present at the Willett Street area Coronation tea on June 4th. The special guests attending included the Mayor and Mayoress, Mr and Mrs F C Backway, Rev and Mrs A J Herring, Mrs G Little and Mr A R L Adams. To conclude, each child was given a Coronation souvenir, chocolate and an orange. Thanks are due to Mesdames Heard, Gurnhill, Bennett, Needs, Smith, Lucas, Evans, Lang and all others who helped.
Over 200 entertained – a tea for 44 children, followed by a meat tea for 180 adults, commenced the Coronation celebrations of Bull Hill neighbourhood, on June 3rd and held at the Church Institute. The Mayoress distributed mugs to the children, and presented souvenir plates to Mrs Ellis and Mrs Keen. Mr J Taylor was MC for the evening which included a show by Westward Ho! Gaytimers, games led by Mr Tanton, and dancing to music by Mr G Weeks. A film show was earlier given to the children who received gifts including ice-cream and crunches from Mr and Mrs Patt.
Clifton Street – in glorious sunshine the Coronation celebration tea party for the children of Clifton Street, Brookfield Terrace, Newport Terrace, Furzebeam Terrace and West View was held on Saturday. The evening entertainment commenced with a fancy dress parade in which there was a grand variety of costumes. Winners were: Jennifer Tallin; Elly Cox; Christine Donaldson; Richard Hopkins; Frankie Symonds and Roger Harley. A punch and judy show, ices, sports, lucky dips, sweets, community singing, music and dancing followed and Mr W Spry sand ‘Shamwickshire’.
Avon Road – over 50 children sat down to tea and wore Coronation crowns at Avon Road, Bideford, party. The guests included the Mayor and Mayoress, Cllr R L Cock, Cllr and Mrs A C Hooper, Cllr and Mrs F Patt, Mr and Mrs F C Backway and Mr J Down. Sports were held at Pollyfield, prizes being given to all competitors. A Punch and Judy show followed and ice creams kindly given by Mr W E Patt, who also organised a treasure hunt. Major and Mrs Salter kindly gave a donation to provide music for the dancing and games, organised by Mr J Richmond.
Elm Grove – Residents had a very enjoyable street party on Saturday. About 40 children began the proceedings with sports and the Mayor and Mayoress, Mrs E M Cox, Mis J H Goaman, and Mrs and Mrs F C Backway joined the happy party at tea. The Mayoress received a bouquet from Janet Brown and the Mayor, a buttonhole from Michael Perry. Mr Kingdom welcomed the guests. The excellent tea, served in the street in sunshine, was provided by the women-folk with Mrs J Little as convener.
Meddon Street – Meddon Street’s Coronation tea was staged at the Torridge Hospital by kind permission of Mr and Mrs J Morris, on June 3rd. Over 80 children attended. The Mayor and Mayoress and Cllr and Mrs W H Copp attended and after the tea the Mayoress distributed coronation mugs to all children under five years. A spray of roses was presented by Pamela Tryon and a buttonhole by Michael Morris.
POW’s Family Guests of Honour – The wife and two sons of Private M Cawsey, 6a Cooper Street, Bideford, who has been a prisoner of war in Korea for two years were the guests of honour at New Street’s Coronation celebrations. Tea for the children was opened by Mr and Mrs Warwick, Sunnymead, 4 Kingsley Road, Bideford. Mrs Warwick received a bouquet from Patsy Cooksley and Susanne Schillers. Little Victoria Warwick was presented with a Coronation Bible by Lesley Davies.
Capern Road – The residents of Capern Road, Bideford, had fine weather for their party on Saturday afternoon. The party, which was greatly enjoyed by all, ended at 8pm with the singing of the National Anthem.
Appledore – Owing to weather conditions it was not possible to hold the Coronation tea for the children of Market Street and Vernons Lane, Appledore, in the street and accommodation was kindly provided in the Baptist Schoolroom. There was a splendid supply of good things to eat, including Devonshire cream, and every child did full justice to the spread. Thanks are extended to Mrs Vivian and to all other helpers who made the occasion such a success.
Tomouth Road and Square held their Coronation tea on June 3rd in the Bethel, thanks to Rev A R Richards, and the children sat down to a sumptuous tea. Each child received a Coronation spoon as a souvenir.
Torrington – A street party was given to the children of Well Street, Torrington, by the organisers of the Coronation day party, Mrs T Sussex, Mrs A Jury and a small committee. On Saturday Torrington Voluntary Silver Band, under their deputy bandmaster, Mr E Short, attended a street party in South Street, where an added attraction was a film show, and a street party in Mill Street, Torrington.
The full Gazette article is dated 12 June 1953

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