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Lifeboat crew are given awards at supper party 19th July 1963

lifeboat crew

lifeboat crew 2

At a supper party at Appledore Hall on Friday night when Mr Sidney Cann, the coxswain of the Appledore lifeboat, and his crew were presented with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution's certificates of merit on vellum.

The awards recognised the part they played in going to the assistance of the crew of the Admiralty tanker Green Ranger which went aground at Hartland last November.

Among the attendance of 128 at Friday's gathering was the Inspector of Lifeboats in the South West (Cmdr. H H Harvey), who had flown from the Scilly Isles.

There was, too, almost a full gathering of members of the local committee and their wives, and a good representation of members of the Ladies' Lifeboat Guild.  Arrangements were made by the hon. secretary of the branch (Captain P Brennan) and a committee of ladies representing each of the Appledore Churches.  Mrs J T Payne was convenor.

The president of the Appledore branch, Dr D D Valentine, presented the certificates of merit to Mr Cann and members of the crew - Messrs. J Bowden (second coxswain), W G Cann, bowman, C E Cox and W J Evans, crew.

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